"Today it is much harder for employees to navigate how to present their best image for business success.  The dress rules have changed but the business expectations remain the same."
Dawn Waldrop - National Speaker, Author, Image Consultant

Hire Dawn to Speak to Your Group

The only Image Expert who keys into the audience members
and provides specific information to help them improve their image
& experience immediate benefits!

Dawn has quite a gift. And she shares it generously with each audience member.

She keys in to people to help them be who they are, not who someone told them to be.

She provides the how - specific tips for fine-tuning the individual audience member's image.

Dawn's comfortable manner engages audiences and they love how she can specifically key into who they are.

After the program the audience experiences immediate improvements and the exciting benefits of looking their best!

How You Can Connect
With Dawn

Keynote, Half or Full Day Programs
Learn how to develop an image that promotes your professional best for greater earning power. This is about teaching you how to be your own person and present your professional best.

One-on-One Coaching
Dawn Waldrop coaches her clients in such a way that motivates individuals to make positive changes. She educates the executive on what works best to meet their professional goals while maintaining their authenticity and individuality.

Dawn meets with groups and individuals for color consultations, line analysis, wardrobe planning and closet updates. This can be done either in person or by telephone.

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  • Your image is holding back your career
  • You are wasting time and money on clothes you don't wear
  • You need help resolving image concerns

Then let Dawn help you...

  • Enhance your career
  • Save you time and money
  • Eliminate the stress of dressing from your life


  • Your executives' image are costing you sales
  • Your staff dresses too casually
  • Your competitors appear more professional
  • You need help resolving image problems

Then let Dawn help you...

  • Save company time and money
  • Increase sales
  • Enhance performance
  • Get in front of higher end buyers
  • Open doors for business

The Book

Best Impressions:
How to Gain Professionalism, Promotion and Profit

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