This program motivates the executive how to present their best image for financial and career success. It is designed for the executive who can effect some aspect of the business bottom-line by fine-tuning their appearance, attire and presentation. They are aware that their current choices currently do not support that.

Dawn Waldrop coaches her clients in such a way that motivates individuals to make positive changes.  She educates the executive on what works best to meet their professional goals while maintaining their authenticity and individuality.

Dawn's techniques are practical and can be easily implemented resulting in noticeable improvements.  The individual becomes confident in their professional appearance and can brand and package themselves for business success.

Executives make sustained changes with our system because we transfer the awareness and judgment to them to achieve the powerful long-term results. The executives can be authentic and true to themselves.

The powerful result of actually making more money or getting the promotion is an incentive to continue to present a professional image. This program accelerates the executive to the next level.


A six-month action plan is developed.  Dawn provides guidance as the executive fine-tunes their image to achieve their career goals.

Extensive Program:

  • How to assemble a functional wardrobe that supports their busy lifestyle and income level.
  • How to dress more effectively in very professional to very casual business situations.
  • What we communicate visually through our wardrobe.
  • How to make those messages professional and positive.
  • How appearance affects income through increased sales or promotions.
  • Respectability robbers and how to turn them into income generators.
  • How to establish putting in place a system that is flexible, saves money and time.
  • How to coordinate a polished and complete look.
  • How to utilize attire choices as a tool to create trust and comfort level with clients.
  • Best colors; best styles and tailoring specific to their body structure. 
  • The power of color and how to use color as a powerful communication tool.
  • How to evolve a look that stays current and contemporary as fashion changes.

In addition you will receive:

  • A make-up lesson that is tailored to the facial features, personality and lifestyle of the female executive.
  • Grooming and accessories that best enhance the executive.
  • A closet inventory is conducted.
  • A wardrobe plan is developed around the executive's profession and goals.
  • A wardrobe that is easy, economical to maintain day-to-day and on the road.
  • Shopping date will be conducted where the executive with the guidance of Dawn will purchase specific attire to meet their goals.


As resource tool, the executive receives:


Work with Dawn