The participants learn how to develop an image that promotes their professional best for greater earning power. This is a NEW dress for success mindset.  It is about teaching participants how to be their own person and present their professional best.

Understanding what works best professionally specific to the industry, position level, job responsibilities and clientele. Understanding what works best personally specific to color, fit, personality and lifestyle.

Participants develop an
awareness of:
  • How humans interact with each other depending on the choice of attire.
  • Why we get different energies from clothes that affects our communication.
  • Just as you feel the difference so do your clients.
  • What creates these subtle yet powerful differences?
  • How these powerful differences affect earning power.

The participants walk away with specific action items to fine tune their professional image.

Programs include:

  • The image of the specific industry.
  • The benefits of an individual’s authentic and best professional image.
  • Ways to utilize appearance as a business tool to work for you.
  • Respectability robbers and how to avoid them.
  • Tips to save time and money in a professional wardrobe.
  • The importance of fine details. The answer to why you feel comfortable in certain clothes and others you do not?
  • STOP with the Casual Issue: Teach employees the three levels of dress, what they are and when each is appropriate: Power Professional, Professional and Business Casual
  • Let them choose: How they want to be perceived?
  • The power of color in attire.
  • Why and how we interact with each other based on personal coloring – a new business tool.
  • The subtle yet powerful messages different attire sends.
  • How do you want to be perceived? Are you sending that message?

Program Titles Include:

  • Are You Aware of What You Wear?
  • What Do They See When They See You Coming?
  • So, What is Business Casual?
  • Branding Your Image for Success
  • Clothes Confidence = Customers
  • The Clothes in Your Closet Make Your Career
  • 12 Ways to Leverage Your Appearance for Success
  • What's in Your Closet?
  • Professional Presence: Increase Your Earning Potential
  • Color a Powerful Communication Tool
  • Be Who You Are & Be Professional
    ... Or we will customize a title to coordinate with your conference theme.

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The Power of Your Best Impression

How does the company want to be perceived? Are the employees sending that message?

Programs are interactive, participatory, entertaining and energizing as Dawn builds rapport with the audience. Her educational content is delivered with energy, stories, audience involvement, slides and visual props.

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